Exceeding Quota With Out Enabling Overages

If you do NOT have overages enabled, and you exceed your daily API quota limit, we will reject your request and return a 403 'quota_exceeded' error.

We will not bill you for additional payment unless you turn on overages within your account.

Enabling Overages

If you DO have overages enabled within your account. You can exceed the daily limit on any specific day, and incur an overage fee of $1 per 5,000-15,000 requests (depending on your pricing plan) will be charged. There is no additional overage charge if you were to exceed the monthly quota โ€” because the only way to exceed this monthly quota, would be to exceed daily usages and this will already be charged daily.


As an extremely simplified example, with a quota of 100 requests per day, 3000 requests per month, and $1 per overage, you can see:

Usage | Overage Charged

101 | $1

88 | $0

102 | $2
99 | $0

105 | $5

25 | $0

35 | $0


Assuming all other days had usage of 100 requests or less (ie. no other overages triggered), the total overage fees in this example above would be $1 + $2 + $5 = $8.

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